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The forerunner of active tourism in Jelsa

Posted on 19. August, 2017.

Tourism, as the leading branch of the local man's economy, has been spreading throughout the island since the 50s - the island which today is to be considered as one of the most exotic destinations in this part of Europe. In times when tourism, in the eyes of the locals, was represented by the sun, sea, and the offer of coastal restaurants and accommodation capacities, this "spiritus movens" offered something quite different. A half-day adventure to the Hvar pastures in...

Hvar's apothecary

Posted on 18. August, 2017.

In today's article we are led through Hvar's flora by a "walking encyclopedia", is a man who has been using medicinal herbs for more than half a century to help his neighbors and islanders in preventing various physical discomforts. In numerous conversations with a local pharmacist who has collected a fair share of wisdom in his 86 years, and still with a special enthusiasm brews a diverse variety of medical therapies from wild grasses and plants, we discover the most...

The intoxicating gardens of Hvar

Posted on 17. August, 2017.

On the island of sun, full of medicinal plants or "intoxicating gardens of Hvar", we come to know those species which have marked the history of Hvar. Hvar's pastures, ie meadows full of Mediterranean plants, as the primary motive in creating our nature-inspired program, are the most well-kept treasures that lie on our island. Although most visitors spend their holiday season along coastal towns of the island, it's the heartland that offers genuine peace with a wealth of scents the...