„in vino veritas“

In the rich vineyard history of Hvar, many plantations have developed during the centuries, and to this day reside on the meager soil of our island. With a special kind of enthusiasm, we will guide you through the Hvar wine trails in a half-day program to present to you the multi-millennial history of our most widely known industry.

“in vino veritas”

Since ancient history, this wondrous, divine drink has delighted numerous Hvar visitors. Therefore, we take you to the cellars of some of the most famous winemakers to make your island stay even more special. There, they will present the production process in their wineries and the specificities of their wine.

During the wine tour, stop by an old family “konoba” and discover the traditional preparation process of a small family farm through the stories of the elders.

As members of a family with a long tradition in winemaking and cultivating vineyards, we take you through our numerous vineyards and present you the fruits of labor we have inherited from our loved ones.

In the Natural Hvar wine story, come to know the indigenous, i.e. original sorts of vines which have been gracing this area since ancient times.

DURATION: 4-6 hours

Price per person

130 € – included: guided tour, car/driver service, bottled water, two wine tasting stops (family-owned wine cellar + winery ticket)