About us

Natural Hvar Tours is an online tourist agency owned by the Matković family. In 2015, Silvana and Grgo started their business and turned their childhood dream into reality. The puzzle pieces are coming together seven years later, enabling the family project (drawn together) to come to life. In the beginning, via thematically guided tours, we have tried to bring closer the life on Hvar to the visitors, adventurers, and nature lovers. The century-old tradition of our families’ life inspires us to create an autochthonous local story that seeks its recognition as a different kind of offer. To be all in guided tours is the strength that helped us grow in the business of the NHT agency year after year. 

The beauty of a country rich in natural resources, like Croatia, knocks most visitors off their feet upon arrival. Hvar, one of the world’s most attractive islands, gives that magical experience.

But what else…?

The modern approach to travel organization requires something more, something extensive, something fun, in order to visit a country feels complete.

Nowadays, tourism brings challenges and difficult decisions in search of ways to stay competitive and on the market as an authentic and exciting offer to those who want to book it. How to be appealing and different for the guests and requirements of world travelers?

“Travel like a local” trend in modern travel style is a guideline that we immediately accepted as our mission.

Even then, we wondered if it was a challenge to host such a segment of world travelers to find such adventures?

Maybe it is, but from the start, we have realized that what we know best is what we can give to our guests who look for the “Natural Hvar Experience”.