Tourism, as the leading branch of the local man’s economy, has been spreading throughout the island since the 50s – the island which today is to be considered as one of the most exotic destinations in this part of Europe.

In times when tourism, in the eyes of the locals, was represented by the sun, sea, and the offer of coastal restaurants and accommodation capacities, this “spiritus movens” offered something quite different.

A half-day adventure to the Hvar pastures in a multilingual presentation devised by a small – yet large – local enthusiast, visitors recognized it at its threshold as an exceptional product.

He actualized his own idea which was appreciated in the eyes of foreign visitors who till this day still come to the island, and fondly remember the guided nature trips far away from the crowded coast.

In search of the services provided by our historical personality from the small village of Jelsa, we find a lack of information on the internet.

Due to the later computerization of the offer, we were able find the Spanish article, ie the offer provided at that time by foreign tour operators as part of the arrangement:

An aromatic walk

Hvar botanist and famous guide / Mioško Bartulović.

“A walk through the lush green hills and valleys of the island. By the way, Mr. Bartulović offers you his botanical knowledge, along with interesting Hvar anecdotes, and helps you gather various herbs to bring you into a new world of aromatic miracles. The walk ends with a picnic in the olive grove in a picturesque village where food can be enjoyed with the herbs that you have gathered during the walk.”

The Hvar botanist (as proclaimed by foreign visitors) who shares his love of natural wealth with a special enthusiasm, in the story of his aromatic trail, he himself is a part of the local crowd who were a step ahead of time.

While conversing with Mr. Bartulović, we have collected much useful information, just as we have in the previous article and education with “Hvar’s apothecary”.

In addition to the educational hours of botany, we have also learnt a lot of information about the now hidden paths that were once an oasis of Mediterranean plants. Today they are, unfortunately, covered by weeds.

Along with the unique story that attracted all those who have seen the island from a different perspective – the beauty that adorns us on websites around the world and which is still intact, we are proud to present our local enthusiast.

Live long and prosper!