On the island of sun, full of medicinal plants or “intoxicating gardens of Hvar”, we come to know those species which have marked the history of Hvar.

Hvar’s pastures, ie meadows full of Mediterranean plants, as the primary motive in creating our nature-inspired program, are the most well-kept treasures that lie on our island.

Although most visitors spend their holiday season along coastal towns of the island, it’s the heartland that offers genuine peace with a wealth of scents the slopes and hills respire of.

With some of the most respected herbs which have been continually grown since ancient times, there are numerous medicinal herbs in the wild which greatly help in solving numerous problems in the treatment of various diseases.

In the upcoming articles we will present those plants that we have carefully studied with our local experts.

Along with the many books and magazines available on web pages today, the most important information, however, lies in the permanent records of our elders and which we present to you in a brief review of the “richness of Hvar’s flora”.