The “Local Life Tour” created by the Natural Hvar Agency provides an experience that reveals the true life of the local population – designed to reveal the hidden parts of the island and the local way of life.

Following the many hidden trails of the island, the setting in the small hinterland itself gives you the opportunity to learn about the local life of older generations who lived an entirely different rhythm of life.

In the Natural Hvar story of our centuries old family tradition, find out what life looked like before the arrival of the first visitors and a completely new way of life.

Fishing and viticulture, once the main economic branches of the locals, slowly sink into oblivion and many local families redirect their efforts and invest in restaurants, cafes and various tourist activities along the waterside.

In the long and rich tradition of our family’s life on the island, farming has left a deep mark and with a special kind of enthusiasm, we present you the life of the local farmer as it once was.


DURATION:  4-5 hours

Price per person

1) FROM 70 € – included: guided tour, homemade eco refreshment drinks, visiting an old dalmatian “Konoba” family wine cellar

2) – included: guided tour, homemade eco refreshment drinks, visiting an old dalmatian “Konoba” family wine cellar,  an authentic Mediterranean meal